Product Overview

Sapience is the most advanced and automated people analytics solution.

Every organization, every workforce, and every project is driven by insight. But translating those insights into long-term growth has always been difficult—until now.

Sapience gives you the power to capture insights in a mindful way, providing enlightened analytics that drive productivity improvement and engagement. Managers get work trend data at a macro level, so they can guide their teams more efficiently. Employees can track performance and work habits, significantly improving work-life balance. Get mindful with Sapience.

Sapience Benefits

Improve productivity.

Get measurable results, fast. Our customers improve productivity by 15-20%, on average, within the first 6 months of Sapience deployment.

Reduce costs.

Reduce outsourcing costs by 20%, and lower software costs by 10 to 15% with Sapience. Sapience also eliminates the costs of manual tools like timesheets, by automating time tracking.

Fast. Accurate. Cost effective.

Sapience is fully automated and captures accurate data about the work time, effort, patterns, and process followed by individuals and teams to complete their tasks/work. This is the most cost effective and accurate way of doing time and motion studies.

Everything in real time.

Get unprecedented insights into work patterns, and track employee engagement data and productivity. Sapience provides real-time visibility into daily effort and capacity.

Big data, not big brother.

Sapience takes privacy seriously. We are privacy compliant, and never scrape screens, track keystrokes or capture private user data.

Maximize & empower.

Employees who understand their work patterns are empowered to set goals, reduce distractions and manage time better, increasing productivity and satisfaction. Sapience employee engagement technology transforms productivity in the workplace, with dramatic results.

Sapience Features

Our Vision

To disrupt how businesses operate, dramatically improve financial results, and create unprecedented transparency for organizations and employees.

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