Human Resources

Engage Teams. Empower People.

People are the most valuable asset for any company—so it makes sense to understand how people work, keep them engaged, and give them the resources they need to excel. Sapience is a people analytics tool focused on improving employee engagement, optimizing business processes, balancing workload management and proactively retaining top talent. Companies who use Sapience typically improve productivity in the workplace by 20% or more, while increasing engagement and empowering people to work more efficiently.

For years, HR departments have been underinvested in new technology. The last wave of HR technology development focused on operational tools like employee wellness programs, employee engagement programs and interactive surveys. These tools are time-consuming, rely on manual processes, and often provide inaccurate data. In addition, they only provide a snapshot of employee engagement, rather than an ongoing employee productivity analysis, because surveys are completed periodically, usually just once or twice per year.

In contrast, Sapience collects actual data in real time, on an ongoing basis, allowing companies to move beyond surveys and questionnaires, to real-time employee engagement data based on facts—not opinions. With Sapience, HR departments can become more proactive and contribute positively to the company’s bottom-line, with a strategic tool that improves workload planning and quantifiably impacts business.

Find out how Sapience can transform your human resources with employee engagement technology.

Employee Engagement

Measure and improve employee engagement
for onsite, offsite and work from home teams.
Sapience measures employee engagement data
on an ongoing basis, with meaningful reports
and analytics.

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Business Process Optimization

Get a faster return on your process
optimization investment. Sapience lowers
the cost of smart business process automation,
and helps companies achieve results sooner.

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