Optimize IT Spending. Strengthen Security.

Access IT intelligence company-wide with Sapience. Sapience helps IT leaders enhance security and reduce software costs with automated software audit tools. Our IT asset management tools identify all applications used on company PCs, and audit software usage on a per-user basis. Using this data, malware and problematic software can be easily located and removed, and licensing costs can be reduced, ensuring companies only purchase software for the individuals who are actually using it. Sapience also powers software development process automation, with IT asset management tools that identify daily work patterns across IT departments, and throughout the entire company. Sapience is a fully customizable, enterprise-level IT asset management software solution that can be integrated with your existing software, and configured to meet the needs of your organization.

Software Utilization Audit

Why pay for software you aren’t using?
Sapience software audit tools help companies reduce
software costs with software asset management
for each application, on a per-employee basis.

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Business Process Optimization

Get a faster return on your digital process optimization investment. Sapience for business process management lowers the cost of cognitive process automation, improves workload management, and helps companies achieve results sooner.

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